Kiroshi Doshi

Kiroshi Doshi is currently in development and has no release versions out yet.

This is a classic retro platformer drawing inspirations from my favorite platformer games: Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Yoshi and Bubble Bobble.

This project was my original dip. By dip I mean the next project you start working on once you realize the project you are currently working on is out of your league or over scoped so you dip! I dipped from trying to make a metroidvania title, which I plan on eventually making (but for now is shelved).

Original Prototype in Gameboy style
Original Prototype in Gameboy style

I started the project with a very small scope, making it as a Gameboy style aesthetic. This is where the double jump, wall sticking, stamina bar and bubble shooting got their start. Eventually I decided to (ill advised, I know!) scope it up to a Super Nintendo / Gameboy Advance style game.

Increased resolution and colors

I have plans for four main areas: forest, ice, lava and moon. Each area will include a variety of situations including swimming, cannon blasting, minecart tracks, airships, castles, environment hazards and more. The number of levels however is still being decided. The bubble jumping ability gives a creative verticality that gives the player a lot of freedom that I’m trying to be careful with balancing difficulty and exploration.

Eventually I decided to change the double jump to a single jump and a twirl, this is because I was finding that the horizontal movement was not engaging enough, and the vertical movement was too much for a game where I wanted to do vertical and horizontal levels.

Forest Area
Forest Area

You can follow development updates and provide feedback via my twitter and tumblr.

Block Fort
Rafting down the poisonous swamp river
Lava Area

Forest Area
Ice Area