Dodge asteroids in a challenging skill based retro arcade-like game.

The asteroids have randomized spawn positions to make every run unique, no memorizing patterns, just skills.

This is my first released game on, I’m giving it long term support so expect more updates to come.


“The news is calling this the biggest natural disaster this side of the Minyar Nebula… I’m not convinced on the “natural” part of that statement” – Mivvits

“The official story is that there was a previously undiscovered wormhole that spontaneously started erupting asteroids. Now you tell me the last time you heard of a wormhole spontaneously doing anything.” – Nikola

“They say if you stay out there long enough, you’ll start seeing things.” – Jessa

“They never stop coming. They call it a phenomenon, I call it job security.” – Tase

“The stars… they beckon me. Do they beckon you?” – Brevore

Story MOde update

Current release is version, version “The Story Mode Update” is in development, you can follow progress via the dev-blog.

Astrofield Cover Art
Goshawk in flight v1.9.1.0

Goshawk in flight
Comet in dodge-roll
Story Mode Preview
Story Mode Preview
Asteroy in flight

Comet in flight
Currently available at: