What game engine are you using?

I experimented with GameMaker and did some work in Unity, but once I found Godot I’ve been using that ever since. I started working with Godot back with version 3.0 and have kept updating to the latest stable versions along the way, as of now that is Godot 3.5.

What programming languages are you using?

Though I use an assortment of languages with my day job, when working with Godot I use their GDScript. Gdscript.com describes it well: “GDScript is easy to learn with a syntax similar to Python where the code is indented rather than using lots of brackets and semicolons.”

What other tools do you use?
  • Art: Aseprite
  • Sound: BFXR
  • Music: FL Studio
  • Screen Recorder: OBS
  • Video Editor: OpenShot

What do you have that is playable now?

What else are you working on?

Kiroshi Doshi: a classic style platformer taking inspirations from Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Yoshi and Bubble Bobble.

Bytes & Bygones: a precision platformer prototype that I’m considering finishing. Inspirations include Super Meat Boy and Celeste.

Untitled Zelda-Like Project: a pixel-art, 2D, top-down, Zelda-Like, Action RPG.

Anything else further down the pipe?

And maybe someday I’ll make a 2D Side-Scroller Metroidvania, but nothing is set in stone, I’m just trying to have fun making the kinds of games that I want to play.

Why is it taking so long?

Development takes a long time, especially so being a solo dev. I have a full time job and a family to support so I can only spend so much time on this. If one day a project gains traction or some success I can justify spending more time on that.

Can I help?

One reason I’m solo developing is that I cannot afford to commission services from people, other than picking up cheap asset packs on itch.io.

What platforms are you targeting?

At first I use itch.io (and have builds for Windows, Mac and Linux but cannot test the Mac builds) but once the project matures enough I plan on putting them on Steam as well.

I love consoles and hope to be able to port the larger projects to all major consoles eventually.