Dodge asteroids in a challenging skill based retro arcade-like game.

This is my first released game on, I’m giving it long term support so expect more updates adding more features, ships, and game modes to come.


A surprise asteroid storm crashes through a heavily traveled shipping lane that the space station relies on for incoming supplies, unfortunately destroying a much needed cargo vessel.

The flight is fraught with danger, but you are desperate to return the supply crates to the space station. You are one of their best (only?) tactical pilots, so you know it is all up to you.

Story MOde update

As of now, Astrofield is an arcade-like game, but that is about to change with the release of version 2.0 when it will have a story mode added that will give a lot more depth to the game.

Version 2.0 is in development, you can follow progress via the dev-blog.

Astrofield Cover Art
Nimbus in flight
Goshawk in flight
Comet in dodge-roll
Story Mode Preview
Story Mode Preview
Arcade Mode ship select screen
Asteroy in flight
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