Astrofield v1.8 is live

Change log:

  • Gameplay – 6 new ships for a total of 12
  • Gameplay – 3 new special abilities – torpedo, auto-laser, and density
  • Gameplay – easy mode now easier – 20% less asteroids on easy mode
  • Gameplay – improved accuracy of hit boxes
  • Gameplay – Falcon – increased speed (Buff), increased hit radius (Buff)
  • Gameplay – Umbia – increased speed (Buff), decreased shield regen timer (Buff)
  • Gameplay – Nimbus – increased dodge-roll timer (Nerf)
  • Bugfix – corrected Umbia ship occasionally delaying death by a few seconds
  • Bugfix – mega asteroids no longer prematurely disappear before leaving the screen
  • Bugfix – can no longer instantly regenerate the shields if you dodge-roll during a shield break animation
  • GUI – added ship name to ship selection screen
  • GUI – added victory indicators on ship selection screen, no win no star, easy win 1 star, normal win 2 stars, hard win 3 stars
  • GUI – changed font sizes
  • GUI – added flavor text to beginning of each level
  • GUI – stretched the color filter screens to cover the previously exposed edges during a screen shake event
  • Sound – added sound effect for ability recharge to give audio indicator when abilities are ready for use
  • Sound – split the music and sound to separate audio busses
  • Sound – added small amount of reverb to sound effects
  • Sound – added sound effects to pause menu navigation
  • Sound – changed title screen navigation sound to match other menu screens for consistency
  • Sound – changed level music rotation to begin on track 2
  • Animation – tweaked Flare Runner dodge-roll sprites
  • Animation – tweaked thrust effects for Nimbus
  • Back-End – created an auto save / auto load system, saving total crates collected and color options, and much more
  • Back-End – worked on the dialog system to be used in version 2.0

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